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The Secret to 20% Improvement in Your Pharmacy’s First-Fill Rate

An estimated 4 in 10 patients ask their pharmacist for less expensive medication alternatives. Responding to these requests is time-consuming, requiring  an estimated 20 minutes per patient. That amounts to a significant part of a pharmacist's day – time that could surely be spent on other matters.

Now though, there is a way to address medication cost concerns quickly, accurately, and thoroughly!

PrimeRx™ pharmacy software, combined with the Real-Time Prescription Benefit powered by Surescripts® interface, gives pharmacists immediate visibility into patient medication benefits and provides options for cost-effective therapeutic alternatives.

It's a simple process. Within PrimeRx™ a pharmacist can directly connect with the Real-Time Prescription Benefit interface. This provides immediate access to data that includes:

    • Patient-specific benefit information.

    • As many as five therapeutic alternatives.

    • Prior authorization requirements.

    • Out-of-pocket cost and deductible information.

    • Fill quantity options.

Real-Time Prescription Benefit delivers this information directly from a patient's benefit plan. Continue Reading >>

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