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Celebrating National Manufacturing Day

Introduction to Modern Manufacturing

Every year the first Friday in October celebrates National Manufacturing Day. In fact, the entire month offers opportunities to explore, learn and appreciate our manufacturing heroes across the USA.

The holiday is spearheaded by the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and seeks to uncover the daily workings of thousands of manufacturing companies. The day showcases local manufacturing events, job fairs, and in person events to promote manufacturers and inspire the next generation of students and employees.

During these manufacturing events, Manufacturers often highlight new technologies and innovation for the curious-minded individuals that participate. Collectively, these initiatives support the advancement of the manufacturing industry and inspire the future workforce to consider a career in the country’s vibrant manufacturing industry.

When is National Manufacturing Day?

National Manufacturing Day is held every year on the first Friday in October to commemorate the manufacturing industry's skilled workers in America.

How and Why Did National Manufacturing Day Begin?

The United States highly prizes new product development and technological advances. The manufacturing industry makes these ideals a reality. National Manufacturing Day was founded primarily to educate the American people on the power of American manufacturing and celebrate our manufacturing success. The events of Manufacturing Day also serve to inspire the next generation of manufacturing workers. This is why Manufacturing Day (MFG Day) first began.

To understand the day itself, it’s helpful to look back at manufacturing history, and how it transformed America.

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