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Microprocessor Temperature Controllers: Do They Make a Difference?


Refrigerators and cold storage equipment can be found in just about every pharmacy, lab, or clinical setting. But have you ever stopped to consider how accurately these units are performing? How well are they protecting and preserving the substances they store? What about service costs? And temperature-reading accuracy?

All these questions and more rise to the surface when considering the features of professional refrigeration. But perhaps all these questions can be answered by looking at one feature alone—the temperature controller. Why is this piece so important?

Let's find out.  

What is the Function of a Temperature Controller?

A digital temperature control system tells you the temperature inside your unit. Generally, cold storage units calculate a specific range, from a factory set point to a certain fluctuation of degrees on either end.

The role of all temperature controllers is to regulate temperature. If the temperature has fluctuated from the original setpoint, the controller can send a signal through sensors to bring that temperature back to the desired range.

Different systems monitor temperature in different ways. But however the temperature is controlled, correct temperature devices are integral to the success of every cold storage unit.

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