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New Advanced Reporting Insights

At Verity Solutions, we are constantly innovating and investing in new ways to improve 340B program management for our clients. Whether we are adding that outstanding Account Manager who understands the needs of an FQHC or developing one-of-a-kind technology that instantly picks the best-blended prices for your drug order, we are focused on preserving and optimizing the value of your 340B program.

One of our latest releases is a new suite of reporting capabilities. Complementing our existing reports, Advanced Reporting Insights gives our users better insight and oversight of their 340B program in meaningful ways. Whether at the individual covered entity level or across health system affiliates, and especially for viewing long-term performance trends.

Our initial release includes dynamic and flexible features that allow users to analyze trends across years, quarters, months, or weeks and compare performance over previous periods. You can instantly compare the performance of various Covered Entity sites and drill down into more detailed views, such as performance by Provider. The rich data visualization, interactive reports, and dashboards provide insights to help drive strategic change, allowing you to customize and view trends at the health system level down to the NDC level. You can easily compare your 340B versus GPO spend and view influencers of your Contract Pharmacy program performance at-a-glance.

As we continue to listen to the needs of our Covered Entity partners, we remain committed to continually innovating our platform, advocating for our customers, and investing for today and tomorrow.

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