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Next-Level Technology for Deliveries

Healthcare organizations that rely on deliveries now have access to the latest advancement to optimize delivery logistics. The TruView™ app from SDS Rx elevates bi-directional communication and increases accountability of the delivery network.

Clients can use their phones to communicate the need for specific service enhancements, such as when a delivery needs extra attention. The proprietary app immediately processes the service request through an automated resolution engine that reviews the issue and analyzes internal data to provide a solution for the delivery.

TruView perfects medication delivery operations with real-time reporting and resolution. The client receives a clear advantage with this direct line of communication, instilling confidence that SDS Rx will address the service need.

The TruView app is free to download through the Apple and Android stores.

SDS Rx is the leading provider of last-mile logistics solutions for pharmacy, wholesale pharmaceutical distribution, radioactive pharmaceuticals, and more. 


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