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ePostRx Supports all of Your Pharmacy Management and Operational Needs [Video]

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ANSHealth offers the industry’s only crafted source enterprise pharmacy solution. ePostRx supports all of your pharmacy management and operational needs, including electronic script processing, fully customizable workflow, end-to-end prescription fulfillment, and Rx dispensing within any pharmacy environment. ePostRx automates the entire prescription fulfillment process, from Order/Rx entry, insurance adjudication, DUR screening through dispensing and delivery for all pharmacy business models. The unique crafted source licensing model offers customized, client owned, yet open source software for your enterprise pharmacy solution. ePostRx provides real world savings to retail chains, high volume pharmacies, integrated health systems, supermarkets, wholesalers, and all levels of mail order service or specialty mail facilities. Let us show you how ePostRx can improve your business today.

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