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DrFirst Recognizes Healthcare Organizations for Excellence in Using Technology to Improve Care Collaboration, Interoperability, Efficiency, and Patient Outcomes

Second Annual Healthiverse Heroes Awardees Honored for Breaking Through Information Silos

ROCKVILLE, Md., May 24, 2022 – Health technology pioneer DrFirst today announced the winners of its Healthiverse Heroes Award, which honors organizations for using technology in innovative ways to break through the information silos that get in the way of clinical collaboration and patient care.

“The resilience, dedication, and grit exhibited by healthcare organizations throughout the COVID-19 pandemic are an inspiration to all of us,” said G. Cameron Deemer, president of DrFirst. “It is our privilege to recognize the 2022 Healthiverse Heroes Award winners for their commitment to using technology in innovative ways to transform healthcare collaboration during these challenging times. Their achievements are creating a more responsive and efficient healthcare system for the future.”

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