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The PharmEcology Advantage

USP <800> A of R  |  Subpart P Hazardous Waste Pharmaceutical Program  |  Your One-Stop Solution

PharmEcology provides a one-stop solution to help your organization identify, segregate, manage, and dispose of pharmaceutical waste in a compliant and cost-effective manner. We now offer a unique Assessment of Risk customized to your inventory as required by USP <800>.

Tailored Services

PharmEcology's services are part of a larger concept, a total solution individualized to address the unique circumstances of your facility.

Proven Expertise

The PharmEcology team has 30 years of experience managing pharmaceutical waste streams in the healthcare environment.

Total Compliance

PharmEcology's customized services coupled with our industry knowledge ensure compliance in a cost effective manner.

The PharmEcology Advantage

>  Industry-leading PharmEcologist® teams experienced in compliance and waste categorization

>  Access to the PharmE® Waste Wizard®, a web-based search engine that provides 24/7 access to drug waste categorization information, including state hazardous waste designations down to the product level

>  Remote and on-site training and education to help your staff learn how to segregate pharmaceutical waste

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