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Increase Your OTC Sales & Attract New Customers with BestRx + Pointy

Contrary to what you may think, most purchases are still being made in store – not online. What is changing is the customer’s path to purchase, and whether they end up in your store. Now, shoppers are spending more time online, planning and researching before making a purchase. In fact, nearly half of consumers confirm product availability online before making a trip to the store. That’s why it’s important to make sure you’re maximizing your online presence and that your pharmacy is visible to nearby shoppers. By partnering, BestRx + Pointy make it easy for you to increase your OTC sales and attract new customers to your pharmacy.

Here are some tips to maximize your online presence:

Google is one of the most used search engines, both in the US and globally. To ensure your pharmacy appears in “near me” searches, your Google Business Profile should include your:

• Contact Information (address, phone and fax numbers)

• Hours of operation

• OTC products

• Services (curbside pickup, deliveries, immunizations, health screenings, etc.)

• Website link

Often, independent pharmacies have the basic information on their Google profile, but don’t have their over-the-counter products listed. Without this information, new customers have no way of knowing if you offer a particular product or service and your pharmacy is probably not appearing in “near me” product searches for your area. Ultimately, this can result in the customer taking their business elsewhere.

How BestRx + Pointy Can Help

To help busy independent pharmacies add their over-the-counter products online, BestRx has partnered with Pointy from Google. Through our integration, pharmacies that utilize our point-of-sale system, BestPOS, get their products online quickly and free of charge using the Pointy interface.

Once installed, just scan your OTC products in BestPOS as you normally would. The UPC barcode is then sent to Pointy automatically, where it is matched to the manufacturer’s products name, image and description. From there, Pointy adds the product to your pharmacy’s Pointy page* and shares it across a variety of online platforms including:

• The “See What’s in Store” section of your Google Business Profile

• Google Search

• Google Maps

• Google Shopping

• Google Assistant

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