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Add a Waste Assay to Prevent Drug Diversion

Surveillance processes recommended by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, ASHP, should touch all aspects of a controlled substance management system, including random testing of waste from all high-risk or high-volume areas.

Healthcare facilities have a new solution to increase safety and control everything in-house. WasteLog™ by Pharmacolog strengthens a drug diversion program. A quick test with WasteLog will instantly verify waste and returns of injectable controlled substances, ensuring that tampering has not occurred.

There is no hesitancy in testing and no need to send the samples out anymore. Hospitals can do more testing in-house, and they get the results immediately. When the results are precise, the staff can return to work immediately.

pharmacolog 2.png

WasteLog keeps facilities compliant with ASHP’s recommended guidelines for random assaying controlled substance waste. This drug diversion solution is affordable and easy to use, closing the loop on the injectable controlled substance lifecycle in high-use, high-risk areas.

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