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What is Pharmacist Burnout?

Pharmacist burnout is feeling physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion related to the job. You may develop a negative viewpoint and lose your ability to care for your patients and coworkers. Eventually, you’ll start to wonder if you are even making a difference, and you may consider leaving your job.

Pharmacy burnout is real, and it affects many people in the profession. One study showed that the pharmacist burnout rate is 61.2%, a startling statistic demonstrating how pervasive this problem is.

Causes of Pharmacist Burnout

There are many contributing factors to job burnout for pharmacists. They include:

• Prolonged stress. Most people can manage short periods of work stress just fine, but when the pressure becomes relentless, and you’re facing staffing shortages, ringing phones, and frustrated patients daily, it becomes much more challenging to manage.

• Poor work-life balance. If your pharmacy is understaffed and you’re overworked, you might not have the time to do the things you enjoy doing outside of work. Poor work-life balance quickly leads to burnout, whether you’re working too much to have any time off or you’re too tired when you get home to do anything fun.

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