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Biocom California Cold Chain Workshop 2022

CCT is sponsoring, and Ranjeet Banerjee and Linnette Lopez will be part of a panel called "Sustainability in Cold Chain" this Thursday, October 13, 2022 at the Biocom California Cold Chain Workshop 2022, in San Diego, CA.

About Biocom California Cold Chain Workshop

Biocom California's Cold Chain Workshop is bringing together executives who specialize in supply chain, logistics, quality, temperature control, packaging, distribution, and more for this one-day event. The day is filled with discussion-based sessions to maximize knowledge-sharing among attendees, and aims to provide thought leadership, networking opportunities, and conversations on a variety of relevant topics: regulatory challenges, change management, temperature-controlled products, and the latest technologies. Our workshop is a unique opportunity to learn from leading cold chain experts about this important ecosystem within the life science industry.

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