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Owning your pharmacy - pinpoint the perfect location

This is Part 1 of a 6-part series focused on how to get started opening a new pharmacy.

Opening an independent community pharmacy isn’t like “Field of Dreams.”

“If you build it, they will come,” is a great line in movie, but when it comes to determining theoptimal spot for your independent pharmacy, location still matters tremendously.

All of your plans to offer great products and valuable services won’t matter if your pharmacy isn’tconvenient for customers. Before you decide to own a standalone store or lease space in a stripmall or medical center, look at your location decision from multiple angles.

• Who’s already there?

  Being beside a busy clinic or along a main commuter route meansplenty of people will see your pharmacy and can easily stop as part

  of their establishedroutines.

• Is it too crowded?

  Can the market you’re pursuing support another pharmacy? Are yousetting up next to tough competition? It can be helpful to review

  the area demographicsand understand the prescription volume.

• How will they arrive?

  Do the customers you want to serve primarily drive, walk through abusy downtown or rely on public transportation? That answer will

  affect not only where tolocate your pharmacy, but what amenities you need, such as a large parking lot or a drive-thru.

  Being on the busiest highway in town isn’t necessarily best, if pulling off and getting backon are a hassle. Think about how convenient

  your location will be for people when theyleave a doctor’s office or head home from work. Just crossing the road can be a hassle.

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