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Owning your pharmacy: Leveraging tools, technologies and partners to help you thrive

This is part 6 of a 6-part series focused on how to get started opening a new pharmacy.

Through the series we've covered:

• Analyzing patient demographics

• Choosing a great location

• Making the buy or build decision

• Ensuring you have enough funding

• Scheduling everything you need for a successful opening

Doing everything necessary to open a new pharmacy takes a tremendous amount of work—and is a huge accomplishment.

Now, to manage your pharmacy efficiently and profitability for the long term, you need to put in place tools, technologies, and partnerships.

Carefully selecting the following elements of your pharmacy operations will help ensure smooth workflow, cash flow and capacity for growth. Even if you are buying a store, review the tools and systems that are in place to decide whether those resources will allow your pharmacy to thrive in the years ahead. Multiple companies offer many of these tools, and most are available through McKesson, Health Mart and Health Mart Atlas.

Each of these elements is critical:

• Operating system. One of the biggest decisions you will make is choosing your pharmacy operating system. The hub of your pharmacy, the operating system affects workflow, inventory management and whether you have capacity to add services. Take your time to make the right decision from the start, because changing systems is costly, both in terms of dollars and in disruption to the business.

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