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Part TWO: Change Doesn’t Have to be Complicated – From Quality Experts, To Quality Experts [VIDEO]

From quality experts, to quality experts. A series for supply chain professionals to learn from one another and share strategy. In part two of this webinar series, our panelists weigh in on leveraging the effects of change to your operation’s advantage.

Logistics customers are looking for totally qualified end-to-end solutions, and they’re utilizing different agreements with high-quality providers to create them. It’s important to remain agile, while always maintaining quality standards. The COVID-19 pandemic flipped the industry on its head, but there’s a real opportunity to reframe this unexpected obstacle as an opportunity to improve operations. How do we begin to marry the old and the new?

Panelists include:

Sean Merrill, Head of Quality at Langham Logistics

Mary Koenan, Vice President, Quality at Cold Chain Technologies

Steve Feldman, Quality and Regulatory – Supplies Division at Zebra Technologies

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