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Protect Healthcare Workers from Hazardous Drugs

Compounding facilities that want the only Closed-Back Syringe Unit (CSTD) on the market, protecting from plunger-rod contamination and exposure to hazardous vapors from the back of the Syringe Unit can look to EQUASHIELD®. Designed with safety in mind, an inventive closed internal equalization system makes the Syringe Unit sleek and easy to use.

How It Works

EQUASHIELD® equalizes pressure differentials via a dual needle design, enabling an efficient air-to-liquid exchange. The syringe unit contains sterile air drawn from the sealed air chamber at the back of the syringe, requiring no additional steps to equalize pressure. EQUASHIELD’s encapsulated plunger rod cannot be detached from the Syringe Unit’s barrel allowing for safe use of the total volume of the syringe.  

The self-contained syringe unit with a closed back prevents the escape of vapors and aerosols into the environment. During disconnection, dual membranes avoid contact between the drugs and the outer surface, leaving the contact area safe

Needles remain fully shielded and safe from exposure, preventing needle stick injuries, leaks, aerosol exposure, or spills.


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