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Great Pharmacy Career Options for Introverts

Most pharmacists are employed in the retail sector, working with customers at community pharmacies. These jobs require a lot of interaction with the public, along with all the problems that go with it. Some pharmacists with more introverted personalities may prefer to avoid this career option. For those higher on the introversion scale, here are a few alternatives.

Pharmacy informatics

This is the use of information technology for patient care as it relates to medication. Health informatics refers to the collection, storage, access, and use of personal health information to improve treatment plans for patients.

Pharmacy informatics has been defined as “The scientific field that focuses on medication-related data within healthcare systems—including its acquisition, storage, analysis, use, and dissemination—to deliver optimal patient care and health outcomes.”

For example, a pharmacist specializing in informatics might work to streamline and organize electronic medical records systems to make sure providers are prescribing the correct dosages. It is an ideal job for people who enjoy working in information technology. There is also less interaction with patients and other healthcare professionals.

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