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Strengthen Your Pharmacy with Accreditation and Certification | The Compliance Team [VIDEO]

Operational excellence leads to clinical excellence.

“After going through The Compliance Team’s accreditation process, we’re not only a better business, we’re a better pharmacy.”

— John Richards, Pharm.D., Professional Village Pharmacy, Sacramento, CA

“When we are audited by the DEA and PBMs, our Community Pharmacy Accreditation gives us the confidence that our paperwork is complete and accurate.”

— Trish White, RPh, Harry Race/Whites Pharmacy and Home Medical Equipment, Sitka, Alaska

The Compliance Team’s simplified, operations-based standards are what set us apart from other accreditation organizations. That and the Exemplary Provider® designation you obtain when you successfully complete the program.

Benefits of accreditation/certification:

Identify gaps in operations/service

Identify opportunities for improvement

Ensure consistency of processes

Improve patient outcomes

Enhance business practices


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