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Options, Options, and More Options for Cleanrooms

When health systems grow, pharmacies expand, and hospitals remodel, and it causes a need for a mobile cleanroom, Modular Devices, Inc. has a variety of solutions that they can customize to the project, budget, or growth plans.

Pre-Built and Fully Assembled: The team can deliver and operationalize your cleanroom in a fraction of the time compared to a design-build project.

Indoor and Outdoor: Mobile units can be placed inside an open space or outdoors, providing flexibility and reliability.

Scalable: These pre-built mobile cleanrooms allow clients to ramp up quickly and scale up with add-on mobile cleanrooms as demand increases.

Purchase or Lease: The facility can purchase mobile cleanrooms outright or lease.

The customer will receive a reliable and fully compliant cleanroom for applications, including USP797/USP800 Pharmacy Compounding Cleanrooms, Cell & Gene Therapy (CGT), and ISO Class 5, 6, 7 & 8 Cleanrooms.

modular cleanroom.png

Modular Devices can provide upfront all-in pricing, less disruption, state-of-the-art technology, and a fast-tracked cleanroom project. 

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