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Epicor understands pharmacists' challenges because of the pandemic, industry regulations, and customer needs. That's why Epicor's point-of-sale solutions increase efficiency, connect with customers, and improve operations.

Partnering with Epicor means pharmacies of any shape and size receive a fully integrated pharmacy POS system to drive growth, profitability, and customer loyalty. Pharmacists choosing the Epicor Eagle system can:


Manage Margins by setting optimal prices, enabling revenue growth and maintaining profits.

Improve staffing by forecasting staffing needs accurately based on POS sales data and with hot- and cold-floor coverage.

Grow Customers by identifying the best customers and keeping them with loyalty programs as powerful as those in the big chains.

Reduce costs by cutting inventory costs by 10 percent without sacrificing revenue through time-saving tools.

Simplify pharmacy operations and add more time to your day with Epicor Point of Sale.

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