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RIVA from ARxIUM Surpasses 14 Million Dose Milestone

In the pharmaceutical industry, there is no room for error or second-guessing, which is why pharmacy management turns to ARxIUM for trusted pharmacy automation technologies. 

This trust by pharmacies is demonstrated by ARxIUM achieving a significant milestone with their RIVA™ system. RIVA has accurately and safely prepared more than 14 million IV doses across all installations. This milestone represents the ongoing collaboration among RIVA's Partners in acute care hospitals, centralized pharmacies, and cancer centers across the globe. 


RIVA is a fully automated IV compounding system designed to reliably and accurately prepare IV syringes and bags in hospital pharmacies. By automating the preparation process, RIVA addresses safety issues for the patient and the pharmacy technician, improving overall efficiency and adhering to the changing regulatory environment. 

RIVA has become the pharmacy fulfillment standard regarding safety, effectiveness, and precision.

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