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No More Bulky Package Vials

In response to requests by leading health-system pharmacists to develop an alternative to cumbersome pharmacy bulk package vials, Samson Medical Technologies listened to the needs of these pharmacists to SmartPak.®


SmartPak provides a sealed, additive-free polymer bag containing up to 300 grams of sterile powder enclosed in a foil overwrap. It is an easy-to-use, patented packaging system for injectable drugs, ideal for sterile product preparation. 

 This system allows pharmacy professionals to prepare sterile dosage forms with increased safety, accuracy, and ease.

SMARTPAK® is compatible with all commercially available pumps, syringe infusion tubing sets, cassettes, and syringes.

Key Benefits of SmartPak 

• Eliminates steps associated with reconstituting multiple 10-gram vials of the drug

• Provides an ideal environment for sterile product preparation 

• Offers a closed system

• Doesn't contain glass, which means no breakage

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