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Capital Inventory, Inc. — The Premier Leader in Pharmacy Inventory Services

Our decades of expertise, working exclusively with pharmacies, makes us uniquely qualified to provide accurate and dependable inventory valuations through a streamlined process. Our clients can trust that we will be transparent, supportive, and reliable in every interaction.

Company Background

Capital Inventory, Inc. was founded by William Straub Sr. during the late 1970s in Alexandria, Virginia. The company relocated to Georgia in the early 1980s and serves the entire nation, including Alaska, Guam, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands from its office in the Atlanta, GA area.

Capital Inventory, Inc. has been in business for over 43 years, providing inventory services to thousands of hospitals, university medical centers, regional medical centers, and health systems. Capital Inventory exclusively services hospital, outpatient, specialty, and infusion pharmacies.  Our expert on-site inventory teams conduct pharmacy inventories daily and are employed year-round. Employees of Capital Inventory are employed full-time and receive complete benefit packages. Employees undergo extensive and continuing education including pharmacy practices, drug information, and HIPAA regulations. You can be confident and secure as all of Capital Inventory’s employees undergo a thorough background check including felony, misdemeanor, and sex offender.  Our employees are 12-panel drug tested regularly and at a minimum of twice a year. Third-party specialty companies conduct all testing. Additionally, our employees are required to be current with all vaccinations including yearly influenza and TB testing.

Product Overview

Our people are the difference. Our teams speak ‘NDC’ fluently and understand the dynamics of pharmacy operations. The physical inventory process is seamless and unobtrusive as team leaders strategically place the team in locations throughout the pharmacy to ensure accuracy and efficiency. Before completion of an inventory service, our teams actively work with finance and/or independent auditors while on-site to validate the accuracy of the inventory data collected. Beyond the physical inventory, the data is then received, analyzed, and formatted into a report that includes all pertinent information to allow for accurate and precise analysis of the inventory data. Let our team of experts provide your next inventory valuation with precision, accuracy, and confidence.


• Expertise: Our expert inventory teams consist of inventory specialists who speak ‘NDC’ fluently and are accustomed to working with finance and/or external auditors for validation. Our processes are streamlined for minimal interruption to the pharmacy staff and operations.

• Analysis: Our expert analysis team of data specialists average over 15 years of experience, working in pharmacies and with pharmacy ADM data. All client data is analyzed and adjusted as needed to ensure the most accurate representation and valuation of your inventory.

• Reporting: Final inventory data is provided in a clear, concise format across multiple mediums, all designed for maximum inventory management. Our secure online client portal allows you to access, view your data, and create customized reports and graphs.

• Client Care: We provide friendly and personal experiences with highly knowledgeable and professional customer service-oriented personnel. Our pharmacies can trust that Capital Inventory will be transparent, supportive, and reliable every step of the way.

Why choose Capital Inventory for your inventory needs?

Pharmacies are our natural environment. Our expert on-site inventory teams specialize in conducting pharmacy inventories

         only and within a few hours.

Our on-site inventory teams work seamlessly around your pharmacy staff ensuring that the “snapshot” is a true and accurate

         representation of the inventory on-hand.

Eliminate the need for overtime, or coordination of staffing, to accommodate the inventory process with minimal interruption to the

         pharmacy staff and operations.

Our inventory specialists have the expertise and knowledge to work with finance and/or external audit firms to validate the inventory.

Our expert data processing team collaborates with the pharmacy to provide an accurate report in a timely manner.

Receive expert valuation and pricing of the inventory by an independent party.

GPO Affiliations

Premier, The Resource Group, HealthTrust

More Information

To learn more about Capital Inventory and how we can help meet your pharmacy’s objectives with our inventory services, please contact us at (800) 345-0849 or

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