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Three NEW Products Specifically Designed to Increase Operational Efficiencies, Decrease Costs and Ensure Patient Safety [Video]

Atomic Liquid Unit Dose

Key Features: 

-Verified operation of 450-480 sealed containers an hour

-Cups provide Class A closure

-A semi-automatic operation to ensure consistency 

Vantage Label Printer

Key Features:

-600 DPI printing for 2D barcodes

-Utilizes Vantage Software

-Speeds up to 4" per second

Vantage Bagger

Key Features:

-All Electric System: Compressed air is not required to operate

-Utilizes Vantage Software

-Prints high resolution graphics, text and bar codes directly on the bag 

Euclid® Medical Products 

339 Mill Street, Apple Creek, OH 44606 | 800-727-2543 | | 

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