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The Most Widely Applied Paper Free IV Seal

It has a vinyl label, not paper. There is not a cardboard insert. And the adhesive-free area eliminates paper dots. What are we describing? SecurSeal® IV Seals by Winfield Laboratories. 

Hospitals and pharmacies receive 100% paper-free dispenser and labeling. This IV seal delivers the performance, reliability, and effectiveness needed in demanding healthcare environments.

Winfield Laboratories manufactures a complete line of sterile, tamper-evident USP <797> compliant IV and Vial Seals and newly designed syringe and container seals that do not curl or self-destruct when removed from the liner. 


Along with Winfield's commitment to providing hospital and alternate site pharmacies with cost-effective and Zero Paper USP <797> compliant products, it also manufactures the N-Terface® Wound Contact Layer. N-Terface® is widely used on chronic wounds and burns to help prevent the adhesion of the dressing to the wound, helping to reduce the pain and time associated with dressing changes.

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