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Top 10 things to consider before building your own pharmacy management system

A specialty pharmacy software solution performs a myriad of essential functions. Make sure to consider these top 10 issues when deciding whether to buy or build.

All specialty pharmacies share some common goals: improve patient outcomes and increase patient acquisition, while also optimizing operations and efficiency.

Beyond that, consider what you know about your competitors’ operations, or how they are planning to gain a competitive advantage. Drawing a blank?

One of the most important decisions you can make for your organization is how to effectively implement technology. Your pharmacy management software can make or break your workflows, your efficiency, and your ability to best serve your patients.

Given the impact of this system, is it better to buy a commercial solution or build your own? What must you consider when making the decision?

It’s important to remember that your view of other organizations is limited. A commercial platform provider may have better insight across the pharmacy marketplace about key features that should be included in a management system to keep pace with emerging trends and technologies. 

And that’s just the beginning. The following is an overview of the top 10 issues that must be carefully considered when deciding whether to buy or build a pharmacy software solution.

View our white paper for a more detailed explanation about each step.

1. Patient safety and outcomes

An effective pharmacy system reduces or eliminates the manual processes that increase the risk of errors and possible patient harm.

2. Complex disease and therapy management

Documentation is crucial for clinical interventions, and a system must support data entry, escalation processes, drug storage and handling information, and inventory functions. 


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