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DIY Software For Returning Expired & Recalled Pharmaceuticals

N3PR is the first and only DIY technology in the market today with disruptive approach and patent pending method and processes that will eliminate the need to utilize a third party processor.

Our extensive knowledge and experience in the pharmaceutical reverse distribution industry reveals that there is too much pharmaceutical waste as the traditional process is inefficient, reactive and costly with very little transparency. The company began with recognizing the need to eliminate redundancy and unnecessary pharmaceutical waste.

Our innovative methodology was launched to benefit the pharmacy, community and environment by putting information at your fingertips to avoid costly mistakes and waste.

   Choose to DIY

> Reduce the touch points in return processing

> Increase your return value

> Manage the waste efficiently

> Save thousands annually

> Cut out the middleman, 100% transparency

> Accelerate your credits received

> Manage the wastage as oper compliance

> Maximize the returns using in-date queue

   How it works?

> Inventory Expired Product & Recall

> Request Return Authorization

> Print Debit Memo and Prepare to Send

> Send directly to Manufacture

  N3PR advantage

> Subscription based price

> No setup & no IT cost

> Just signup & DIY the returns

> No add on fees - No invented surcharges

> Minimum 50% savings

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