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Product Spotlight: Tension WorkFlow System Pharmacy Management Software

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the critical role pharmacies play in American healthcare. As the demand for high-value pharmacist services such as vaccinations, medication therapies, and drug management for acute illness remains strong, so does the need for effective pharmacy management software and workflow tools. 

Pharmacy workflows can assign pharmacy technicians various tasks in the pharmacy, allowing pharmacists more bandwidth to provide high-value services and ultimately deliver more satisfying patient experiences.

Infuse intuitive, efficient, and intelligent pharmacy software solutions in your pharmacy with Tension’s Pharmacy Workflow Software system (WFS).

What is the Tension Pharmacy WorkFlow Software (WFS)?

Through an interface with front-end pharmacy software systems, the Tension WorkFlow Software (WFS) is a pharmacy management software system that accepts order requests that have been fully adjudicated and confirmed ready for processing. Then, it facilitates the prescription through dispensing, pharmacist verification (PV), packaging and manifesting.

WFS helps all types of pharmacies, including mail order, central fill, and specialty pharmacies, seamlessly manage the back-end processing of prescription and non-prescription items. Read More >>

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