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5 Ways to Get Your Pharmacy Holiday-Ready

The holiday season can be one of the busiest times of year for pharmacies. Not only does it mark the beginning of cold and flu season, but the demand for over-the-counter products also increases. Before you find yourself swept up in the holiday rush, it’s important to make sure your pharmacy is prepared. Here are 5 ways to get your pharmacy holiday-ready:

1. Check Your Inventory

Keep an eye on your inventory levels, especially for seasonal items that will be in high demand, including:

     • Cold & Flu Medications

     • Chapstick

     • Cough Drops

     • Hand Cream

     • Gift Cards, Greeting Cards & Wrapping Paper

     • Sanitizer

     • Tissues

     • Vaccines

BestRx makes managing your inventory easy, with our EDI capabilities and real-time sales and inventory reporting. 

2. Post Your Holiday Hours & Any Promotions

If your pharmacy will have modified hours over the holidays, be sure to let your customer know. In addition to updating your business profile online, displaying signs at the entrance and your pharmacy counter can help alert patients.

Don’t forget to highlight any promotional offers online and in your store as well. In fact, you can take advantage of our free integration with Pointy to quickly add product and promotional information to your business profile in a few clicks. Read More >>

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