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Discover Our Premium Collection of Vaccine Cold Storage! | American BioTech Supply

Discover our premium collection of Vaccine cold storage 

The NSF/ANSI 456 Standard provides vaccine cold storage at a new level. This standard optimizes cold storage performance and maximizes safety. Rigorous testing covers the construction details, controller requirements, and temperature variation of each certified unit. With American BioTech Supply (ABS) vaccine cold storage, you can rest knowing each vaccine dose experiences the highest level of protection.

Superior temperature uniformity | Lower energy use | Peace of mind


• Certified in accordance with the NSF/ANSI 456 Standard for Vaccine Storage

• Various configurations available including undercounter, countertop, and large capacity upright models ranging from 1 to 23 ft3 

• Parametric, microprocessor temperature controller with LED display for superior temperature control, verification, and recovery

• EPA/SNAP compliant, hydrocarbon, natural refrigerants that are environmentally friendly and lowers energy expenses

• High/low temperature alarms with audible and visual indicators for added product security

• Temperature monitoring device included that complies with the current CDC guidelines, with 3-year certification of calibration

Amewrican BioTech Supply | | 800.648.4041

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