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Is Your Shipping Solution URAC-Compliant?

Why is using a URAC compliant shipping solution important for specialty pharmacies and temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals?

Packaging, shipping, and distributing specialty drugs and pharmaceuticals cannot be left to chance. The importance of cold chain and temperature management for drugs and pharmaceuticals is critical.

Unfortunately, with the shifts in how medications can be purchased and distributed, often eliminating a real-life pharmacist from the medication transaction and education, the mismanagement of specialty drugs and medications is on the rise.

Several factors can be blamed for the mismanagement of temperature-sensitive and cold chain pharmaceuticals:

• Supply chain challenges

• Evolving role of pharmacists

• Strains on the healthcare sector

• Changes in how and where people buy their medications

• Rising costs of drugs and pharmaceuticals for manufacturers, pharmacists, and customers

• Increasing demands for specialty drugs, including gene therapies and biologics

This blog is about URAC, specialty and mail-order pharmacies, patients, and the importance of using qualified packaging solutions to ship, store, and distribute specialty drugs and pharmaceuticals.

These topics matter to everyone involved in the manufacturing, packaging, distribution, and delivery of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals. Not utilizing qualified packaging solutions results in medication loss, increased operational costs, and compromising patients’ health. Read More >>

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