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Connecting a Community to a Pharmacy

Independent pharmacies come in all shapes and sizes and serve communities with different needs. And whether the pharmacy operates from a central site or has multiple locations, the Rx30 Pharmacy Management System from Transaction Data Systems has everything the pharmacy team needs to provide their communities with excellent customer service.

Rx30 has the tools needed to increase patient engagement, expand into specialty pharmacies, or add more value to the hospital system. Their exclusive central pharmacy solution connects the pharmacy management and point of sale system to integrate business and clinical operations in one complete, end-to-end solution.


With all that independent pharmacies now have to address since COVID-19, Rx30 is the way to streamline and customize workflow and inventory management. This platform will help grow the pharmacy and handle the new challenges that pharmacies now face. With Rx30, pharmacies receive a seamless system where customers get their medicines easily.

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