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Relief By Way of HurriCaine

The mouth houses some of the most irritating pain that can totally disrupt a person’s life. The discomfort can’t go away fast enough for those with a mouth sore. When it’s that bad, consumers need HurriCaine. 

Trusted by medical and dental professionals for more than 40 years, the HurriCaine® product line from Beutlich Pharmaceuticals is safe, fast, and effective.


Patients receive relief from their pain or irritation within 30 seconds of applying the topical anesthetic. They can find and purchase HurriCaine over the counter at pharmacies nationwide. Consumers will prefer it for its wild cherry flavor that tastes great and contains no artificial dyes. 

The anesthetic contains 20 percent benzocaine that helps with the temporary relief that comes from:

Sore mouth and throat

Canker sores

Minor dental procedures

Minor injury of the mouth and gums

Minor irritation of the mouth caused by dental applications.

Other medical indications include throat infections, tonsillitis, stomatitis, and pharyngitis 

Beutlich® Pharmaceuticals, LLC has been offering this unique solution for pain management and preventative care since 1954. They are known for the HurriCaine Topical Anesthetics product line.

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