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Detecting Previously Undetectable Behavior

With limited federal standards for drug diversion, the onus is on the hospital to prevent drug diversion. Healthcare and pharmacy facilities need technology that comprehensively monitors, detects, and responds quickly to drug diversions.  

HelioMetrics made its mark in data breach and computer forensics to detect and identify misuse and abuse of Personal Health Information (PHI). With this proven record in healthcare-focused investigations, the team at HelioMetrics developed Rx Drug Diversion Analytics. This success led to expanding the offering to include Pharmacy Drug Diversion Analytics and Drug Diversion Investigation Analytics modules. 

Automating pharmaceutical monitoring provides healthcare organizations and pharmacies with enhanced reporting capabilities, reduces the organization's workload, strengthens compliance, and allows for operational efficiency for quality and patient safety.

As with all HelioMetrics solutions, the hospital drug diversion team doesn't just get the raw data; they see the data through vibrant interactive reports and visualizations.


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