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Know What's Wasted

Drug diversion is a rapidly growing problem for hospitals. Wasting controlled substances is costly and time-consuming and provides the perfect opportunity for drug diversion. A quick test with WasteLog™ from Pharmacolog will instantly verify waste and returns of injectable controlled substances, analyzing if someone or something has tampered with them.


WasteLog strengthens a drug diversion program by providing a simple, effective way to monitor and safeguard discarded or returned controlled substances from high-use areas. It minimizes attempts to divert injectable controlled substances.

The diversion team can discover broken medication and analyze waste or returns of injectable controlled substances instantly. And there's more, the drug diversion team receives:

• An effective tool for screening controlled substances

• Additional data to enhance the data analytics software platform

• A program that can fit into existing workflows

The facility does not have to pay a monthly subscription, nor is there a limit on the number of tests per month.

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