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Moving medication from the pharmacy manufacturer to the pharmacy to the patient isn't a straightforward process. The network might have a wholesaler, the health system might have numerous hospitals, and the patient might not have transportation. Many factors can hinder one of the most needed items for a person to maintain their health—medication. And this is why a delivery service is needed.

Whether it is a long-term care pharmacy or a nuclear pharmacy, SDS Rx will provide them with flexible delivery solutions because of its process, technology, and local delivery network. Their technology seamlessly integrates with each unique customer to ensure compliance, accuracy, and accountability.

Customers switching to SDX Rx will not expect any disruption in the pharmacy workflow. Their proven plan ensures expectations are met on day one with the partnership of a dedicated director of implementation.

The drivers at SDX Rx are fully vetted delivery professionals whose sole mission is to deliver medication accurately, timely, and courteously.

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