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Reintroducing the Axial®

The next generation of multi-dose packaging machines delivers big performance with a maximum output of 65 packages per minute. It's called the Axial®, and the engineers from Euclid Medical Products built the system on a new revolution rotary design that handles 144 smart canisters. 

euclid 2.png

The pharmacy team will have a 6.5-inch LDC panel to search for medicines quickly and clearly.

The machine is perfect for space constraints pharmacies as it has a minimal footprint of two feet by two feet. 

Multi-dose packaging is an effective way to help patients adhere to their medications. They will no longer have to fill their weekly pill trays or make several trips to the pharmacy because the pharmacy will have them on a synchronization program.

For healthcare providers wanting to deliver higher quality patient care while remaining competitive, The Axial Multi-Dose Adherence Packaging Machine is the solution that supports patients and maximizes revenue.

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