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Specialized Insurance for Pharmacists

According to the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, professional liability insurance is coverage for a pharmacist that protects in the event a claim is made against a pharmacist involving an actual or alleged error while carrying out their duties. A professional liability insurance policy can cover attorney fees or lost wages.

Pharmacists Mutual has provided insurance to pharmacists for over 110 years. The foundation of the insurer started with a dedication to safeguarding pharmacists with specialized insurance coverage. 

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The company values the profession of pharmacists. Even today, as the company has expanded to other healthcare areas, the Board of Directors primarily consists of practicing pharmacists who help provide the strategic direction to carry the company forward.

Many professions mandate or need a degree of professional liability insurance, but none more so than those involved in various forms of healthcare, specifically pharmaceutical. Pharmacists Mutual knows the ins and outs of what pharmacists deal with every day. 

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