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Anytime, Anywhere—Accessible Environmental Data

For those who oversee pharmaceutical services, knowing that your environment is safe and secure is job one. This peace of mind is achieved through advanced technology, not an excel sheet saved in a folder called daily monitoring reports. 

Pharmacy professionals need real-time, automated data. The OneVue platform by Primex Wireless goes above and beyond with every feature, be it automated monitoring, proactive alerting, or customized reporting. Their technology optimizes pharmacies by eliminating manual logging while protecting critical medication and vaccines, ensuring proper environmental conditions, and improving timeliness and communication.

All Primex OneVue devices work seamlessly with the OneVue web-based software, accessible on any smartphone, tablet, or desktop. This platform provides insight into storage unit conditions across multiple pharmacy locations at home or during off-hours at the push of a button.

Thousands of hospitals and pharmacies trust Primex to conduct automated temperature monitoring and deliver proactive alerts to help keep valuable assets safe. 

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