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3 BestRx Software Features Pharmacy Owners Love

As an independent pharmacy owner, you probably feel like your to-do list never ends. From keeping up with regulatory changes and managing your inventory to ensuring your store is well-staffed and profitable, you’re pulled in many different directions. That’s why we’ve developed software features specifically to help make pharmacy owner’s lives easier. Here are three BestRx software features pharmacy owners love:

1. Time Clock

Pharmacy owners love our Time Clock feature, because it makes keeping track of employee shift activity easy! Not does it allow staff to quickly punch in and out for shifts and breaks, but pharmacy owners can manage overtime and holiday pay, right from the BestRx software. Pharmacy owners can designate other personnel to view and manage timecard information and can access a variety of helpful reports. In fact, Time Clock reports can be filtered by employee, activity type or a specific date range. These customizable reports help pharmacy owners quickly obtain the information they need to complete their payroll efficiently. Read More >>

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