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3 BestRx Software Features Your Pharmacy Staff Will Love

Your pharmacy staff does a lot, from dispensing prescriptions to administering vaccines and handling income calls, faxes and scripts. This can be hard to balance, especially if your store is short staffed. That’s why eliminating manual processes from your daily workflow is so important. Not only will this keep your staff’s workload manageable, but it enables them to focus their time on more important tasks for your pharmacy and patients. In fact, you can use your pharmacy software to support your staff and automate time-consuming tasks. Here are three BestRx software features your pharmacy staff will love:

1. Auto Process +NightTech

Processing scripts requires multiple, time-consuming steps. Fortunately, you can put your software to work for you around the clock. During the day, Auto Process can be used to move designated scripts through the fulfillment process behind the scenes automatically. After hours, NightTech can be enabled to continue to verify scripts, transmit claims and print prescription labels overnight. This means your staff can start filling scripts and following up on any claim errors or prior authorizations the next morning. Read More >>

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