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Prevent Privacy Violations with Immediate Intervention [WEBINAR]

Unauthorized PHI access occurs in healthcare daily but often only a small number of high-impact patient privacy breaches get the lion’s share of attention and resources.  Healthcare organizations must understand the risks from the exceedingly large number of lower-impact insider events that can eventually escalate to a major threat — putting your organization’s reputation and patients at risk.

What if you could be immediately notified of potential privacy violations and provide proactive, on-the-spot workforce education to greatly mitigate risk?

Join us as we walk through how an AI-based patient privacy monitoring solution can help your organization take a proactive approach to better prevent future breaches and institute a culture of policy and regulatory compliance.

In 30 minutes you'll learn:

• How on-the-spot intervention reduced repeat PHI violations by 95%

• Why manual audit practices leave you open to huge compliance risk

• How to evaluate potential privacy risks in real-time and provide immediate, automated, on-the-spot workforce education

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