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Data Loggers & Remote Monitoring Solutions for Cold Chain

Secure data monitoring and software solutions that empower users with command-center control and visibility for the storage and transportation of sensitive pharmaceutical, life science, and healthcare products.

Powerful, Flexible Monitoring Solutions for Your Global Supply Chain

Securely track temperature-sensitive products in transit and in storage—to prevent loss,  streamline compliance, and maximize efficiency

- Timely Information & Automated Alerts

- Data Access from Anywhere, Anytime

- Compliant, Secure Solutions

Pharmaceutical & Vaccine Storage Temperature Monitoring

Optimize your pharmaceutical and vaccine temperature monitoring process with InTemp's CDC, WHO, and VFC-compliant digital data loggers that minimize system training needs and send you real-time alerts when you're not in the office.

- VFC / CDC Compliance Monitoring 

- Health Care Compliance Monitoring

Cloud-Based Cold Chain Monitoring

Drive down supply chain costs and minimize product loss using InTemp’s internet-connected monitoring solution—a single system featuring cloud-based alerts, effortless data access and seamless sharing tools.

- Transportation & Logistics

- Clinical Trials

- Warehouse Storage

- Blood & Plasma Storage

Software Solutions

InTemp software and communications solutions automate data collection, streamline your logistics, QA and data analysis, and help you identify critical problems quickly. You can create reliable, secure 21 CFR Part 11 reports, excursion alerts, and more using our mobile apps, InTempConnect cloud-based platform, and CX Gateway.


Cloud-Based, Command-Center Control

Maximize efficiency and safeguard temperature-sensitive products, whether they're in transit or in a medical refrigerator. InTemp’s IoT monitoring solutions create seamless, “touchless” systems that give you complete control and timely, comprehensive visibility throughout your global cold chain processes. Using our Bluetooth-enabled data loggers, data conveniently downloads wirelessly to our mobile apps and/or nearby Gateway device, which connect and send critical, accurate data to InTempConnect—our cloud-based, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software platform. InTempConnect automates excursion alerts, helps you analyze costs, programs loggers, creates secure reports, and more—from anywhere, anytime.

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