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Maximum Rx Credit, Inc. is Delivering Environmental Innovation through Sustainable Practices.

Welcome to Performance
MRCI is providing pharmacies with the most efficient expired medication management service available. Allow us to manage your medications for expired and recalls with our “worry free” program.

MRCI Program
Our Road Map to Process your Expired, Unused Pharmaceutical Waste include: 

     • Efficient:

       No materials left over after our services


       Our On-Site and Off-Site service is available with technology to simplify your reverse logistics


       Segregation of Waste of Hazardous Medications as defined by NIOSH and EPA

     • Clean:

       Education Program for sorting your Hazardous Medications, Pharmaceutical Waste, and Anti-Neoplastics Waste

For more information on Reverse Distribution, CII-V write-ups, Waste Bins, and Kiosk, Contact Us: | 800.932.MRCI (6724) |

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