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The N3PR System Demonstrates Significant Savings, Waste Reduction and Eliminates Diversion from 3rd Party Reverse Distributors

N3PR delivers information and knowledge of manufacturer’s return policies that match up with your current inventory. Our cloud based application provides detailed information regarding the credit value of products to help you better manage your inventory and reduce waste.  When tested by hospitals and retail pharmacies, this methodology of sending drugs directly to the manufacturer via the N3PR system demonstrated significant savings, waste reduction and eliminates diversion from 3rd party reverse distributors.

Our extensive knowledge and experience in the pharmaceutical reverse distribution industry reveals that there is too much pharmaceutical waste as the traditional process is inefficient, reactive and costly with very little transparency.

The company began with recognizing the need to eliminate redundancy and unnecessary pharmaceutical waste. Our innovative methodology was launched to benefit the pharmacy, community and environment by putting information at your fingertips to avoid costly mistakes and waste

We provide a user friendly application which can be customized according to your pharmacies specifications to return expired drugs,recalls and identify items on the drug shortage list.

Return Advisor:

This feature provides critical data to maximize your inventory and prevent mistakes. Using this will reduce waste, and alert your pharmacy of recalls, drug shortages. It will determine if your soon to be expired medications are credit worthy as per the manufacturers return policies.


N3PR recall engine is the most comprehensive method of removing recalled items from your inventory.  Patient safety is critical and it is the reason why we have automated daily updates on all recalls items.

Drug Shortages:

Drug shortages affect every pharmacy.  This is the reason why we have developed a system to alert your pharmacy of any item on the drug shortage list. Updated daily, hospitals have used this information to share their medications with their affiliated hospitals to maximize their inventory and reduce significant costs associated with resupplying these hard to get medications.

On Site Service:

Our user friendly application is designed to process expired returns to benefit the pharmacy by creating transparency, eliminating 3rd party diversion, reducing waste and demonstrating significant savings.  This puts the control of your inventory in your hands and eliminates the control of a 3rd party reverse distributor and their lack of transparency.

Pharmacy Challenge:

Most hospitals use uses a 3rd party.  We want for them to think that things are changing.

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