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Axial: Your Complete Adherence Pouch/Blister Card Packaging Solution | Euclid Medical Products [VIDEO]

Axial from Euclid: Your Complete Adherence Pouch/Blister Card Packaging Solution

Prescription filling and dispensing has never been faster, easier, or more adaptable to a wide variety of workflows.

Increase revenue, improve patient care, and differentiate your pharmacy with smart and economical automation. 

There's an Axial machine to fit every pharmacy workflow

The Axial RMD-144, RMD-352, and BP-290 are designed to meet the needs of pharmacies of all types. Whether a small, standalone operation or a massive hospital or nursing home, there's an Axial product right for you. 

Faster and more efficient pill packaging is here 

- Euclid's next generation Axial machines leverage a new rotary design, include an integrated dehumidifier, and are among the smallest, quietest, and most durable productivity-enhancing machines on the market. 

- Numerous canister options, including standard, universal, and manual fill trays on some models, so you'll always have multiple options - without sacrificing speed or reliability. Unit or multi-dose at up to 65 packages per minute. 

- This smart design also allows for easy access to the RFID canister, and you can run and fill canisters at the same time providing best in class daily packaging output.

- MyMeds+ is a marketing tool kit available to help you promote your new packaging service once you get a machine. Most pharmacies can show a positive ROI in the first year. 

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