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Stericycle’s SafeShield Medical Waste Container Named 2022 Product of the Year from the Business Intelligence Group


Stericycle’s SafeShield™ Medical Waste Container1 has been named the 2022 Product of the Year by the Business Intelligence Group (BIG).  The organization’s annual program rewards companies, products, and people that are leading their respective industries.

SafeShield™ Medical Waste Containers are high-quality containers specifically designed for the storage and transport of regulated medical waste (RMW). The reusable waste containers are made with 15% recyclable content and exclusively equipped with Cupron®, a copper-based antimicrobial additive that provides an additional level of protection to help combat the growth of microorganisms on the containers. The containers also offer customers improved design, durability, and better storage options. Over the last two years, Stericycle has distributed over 250,000 SafeShield™ medical waste containers to customers across the U.S. Read more >

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