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As climates continue to become more extreme monitoring the temperature in your packages, even for things that need to be room temperature, is more important than ever.  Check out our new video showing how TransTracker cards can easily show when a temperature excursion has occurred and help identify where temperature is becoming an issue in your supply chain. 

Zebra temperature monitoring and sensing devices, manufactured by Temptime®, provide the insights you need to help you ensure the integrity and cost effectiveness of vaccines, biologics and food products during storage, shipping and handling, and utilization.

Vaccines, biologics and food require strict control of environmental parameters — temperature range, humidity level, light exposure and more — not only to satisfy compliance but also to protect product effectiveness and end-user safety.

Zebra's devices monitor environmental exposures critical to maintaining the quality of your products in pharmaceutical, biotech, blood banks, emergency medical service, food distribution and other organizations.

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