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Dycem products: See which of our products would be the best fit for you!

Dycem provides a range of products that are a sustainable, long-lasting, and effective solution to controlling contamination at floor level. Each product is designed for a specific use, which varies across industry and facility type.  

Dycem CleanZone & WorkZone Flooring  

CleanZone and WorkZone come in a variety of colours and can be customized to fit any size space, ensuring that critical access points are safeguarded. Dycem recommends an area that is large enough to accommodate at least six footfalls or three-wheel rotations for up to 99.9% decontamination.  

CleanZone is suitable for pedestrian flows and light-wheeled traffic up to 70kg/cm2. It is perfect for a range of industries, including cleanrooms, hospitals, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.  

WorkZone flooring is the only effective contamination control solution for areas with heavy-wheeled traffic. It is specifically designed to attract, collect, and retain contamination from the wheels of forklifts, pallet trucks, and large carts up to 90kg/cm2.  

WorkZone can be installed in various heavy-duty areas and is available with a low profile of 3mm, food-grade stainless steel edging option to allow for wheeled traffic to easily move over the mat. 

CleanZone Floating Mats  

Our floating mats are loose-laid, antimicrobial mats, offering the same great benefits as our CleanZone flooring, without needing permanent installation. 

Floating mats are perfect for when there is a need to move the mat and/or the sub-floor may be rough or unsuitable for permanent installation. Floating mats can be placed over rough subfloors with no need for professional installation and can be self-installed with ease.  

Dycem Access Tiles 

Access tiles are an ideal solution for segmenting flooring in facilities such as data centres. Access tiles can help protect data centres from hardware failures and downtime caused by dust exposure and explosions, ensuring maximum uptime and reliability. 

Dycem has two different styles of access tiles: 

Inlaid Access Tile - 60cm x 60 cm tiles are supplied containing pre-applied Dycem, replacing existing tiles in your facility. This is an ideal solution when there is a need for a seamless flooring solution and access to cabling is required regularly.    

Retro Fit Access Tile - 60cm x 60cm tiles of Dycem material that can easily be installed on top of your existing tiles. These include a complete outer edge system to allow for an unnoticeable transition on and off the area.   

Dycem Push Pads 

Push pads effectively remove contamination and microbes from hands as they come into contact with the surface. They provide a reliable layer of microbial protection from particles on hands when used on push doors at entry and exit points of critical areas. This helps to ensure that the environment remains hygienic and free from potential contaminants. 

All Dycem products are BioMaster protected. BioMaster is an antimicrobial additive that uses silver ion technology to prevent the growth of microbes on contact.   

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