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Controlled Room Temperature Cabinets for Pharmaceuticals & Vaccines


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• Intelligent microprocessor digital temperature controller

• Improved temperature accuracy with a buffered probe in glycol-filled bottle to simulate temperature of stored product

• Additional sensor reads interior air temperature for superior temperature control

• Adjustable operating control range from 68°F to 77°F (20°C to +25°C)

• Digital display of the min/max temperature (updated in 15 minute increments)

• Temperature viewable in Celsius and Fahrenheit to the nearest tenth of a degree

• Password protection of control parameters beyond setpoint

• Optimized forced air cooling for excellent temperature stability and uniformity with rapid recovery after door openings and product loading

Multiple Alarms for Safer Monitoring

• Audible/visual alarms for high/low temperature excursions

• Open door alarm sounds if the door is left ajar (default 4 minutes with selectable 1-99 minute range)

• Audible power failure and sensor failure alarms

• Mute function for alarms

• Remote alarm contacts in rear of the unit

Fully Featured Interior for Convenient Storage

• Energy efficient LED lighting with internal on/off switch

• Adjustable plastic-coated wire shelves for improved circulation

• Multiple shelf positions spaced at ½” to allow flexible adjusting to support smaller items

• Adjustable cycle defrost operation

• ½” probe port included to accept user-provided monitoring equipment

Quality Design for Reliable Performance

• Self-closing door offers added vaccine and medication storage protection

• User-reversible door swing (self-closing function compatible with RHD position only)

• Environmentally-friendly natural hydrocarbon refrigerant for reduced global warming potential 

• Meets EPA and SNAP requirements

• Convenient security with a top-mounted door lock (2 keys included)

• Magnetic gaskets to ensure a positive seal

• Pyxis®, Omnicell® and AcuDose RX® compatible


The published temperature variation is derived from the maximum deviation of an NTC sensor in a 1 oz. vial located nearest the chamber


For more information, contact our product specialists:

Ike Goldstein

718.893.3900 ext. 204  

Christian Geddes

718.893.3900 ext. 268  

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